Simulates typing on the keyboard.Syntax:

type <string> [with <key> [, <key> [, <key> ]]]


type "ABC"
type field "output"
type allKeyboardKeys with shiftKey,optionKey

Use the type command to show text appearing in a field at typing pace or to send keyboard events to a stack.

The type command sends a rawKeyDown and rawKeyUp message to the current card for each character typed.

The type command does not automatically place an insertion point in a field, so if you want to simulate typing into a field, you must first use the select command to place the insertion point:

   select after field "Data"
   type "Hello"

The speed at which characters are typed is controlled by the typingRate property. To quickly put text into a field without delay, use the put command instead.

To type text into a field, you must first place the insertion point in the field using the select or click command.

As the type command is designed to emulate exactly what happens when a user types a key on the keyboard, the rawKeyDown, keyDown, rawKeyUp and keyUp messages are sent by the command. If these messages are blocked, the text will not appear in the selected field.


  • string (string):
  • key:One of commandKey, controlKey, optionKey, or shiftKey. You can specifyup to three keys, separated by commas. (On Windows and Unix systems,commandKey indicates the Control key.)

See also: rawKeyUp (message),keyDown (message),rawKeyDown (message),keyUp (message),stack (object),typingRate (property),blindTyping (property),