Selects part of the text of a field, or places the insertion point (cursor) in a field, or removes the insertion point, or selects one or more objects.


select <objectList>


select text of field "output"
select after word 34 of field "output"
select empty
select button "next"
select scrollbar "progress" and graphic "background" and field "output"

Use the select command to select objects or text in order to change them, or to deselect all objects and text.

If you select text in a field, the field scrolls (if necessary) to show the selected chunk.

Use the select before or select after form to position the insertion point at a particular location in a field.

Use the select empty form to deselect all objects and text. To select an object without deselecting any objects that are already selected, use the selected property instead of the select command.

To select lines in a list field, set the field's hilitedLine property instead of using the select command.

To change the selection in an option menu or combo box use the property instead of the command.

To select text in a field, the field's traversalOn property must be set to true.


  • chunk: A chunk expression specifying a portion of the field.
  • field: A field reference.
  • objectList: The objectList consists of one or more object references, separated by the word and.

See also: delete (command), copy (command), selectedLoc (function), selectedChunk (function), openField (message), selectionChanged (message), selectGroupedControls (property),

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