Sent to a scrollbar when the user clicks the increase arrow, scrolling forward one line.Syntax:

scrollbarLineInc <newPosition>


on scrollbarLineInc theCard -- use a scrollbar to navigate through cards
  go card theCard -- corresponding to the new postion
end scrollbarLineInc

Handle the scrollbarLineInc message if you want to respond to the use of the bottom or right scrollbar arrow.

Dragging the scrollbar thumb does not send a scrollbarLineInc message.

If the scrollbarLineInc message is not handled, a scrollbarDrag message is sent in addition.


  • newPosition: The new position of the scrollbar thumb.

See also: scrollbarDrag (message),scrollbarPageInc (message),mouseDown (message),scrollbarLineDec (message),scrollbarEnd (message),lineIncrement (property),endValue (property),repeatRate (property),startValue (property),thumbPosition (property),

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