Printing means print one or more card of a stack. You can create a PDF instead of using a printer.

Creating a PDFEdit

Creating a PDF is the simplest way of printing. First of all you must close the stack containing the cards to print, then set the formatForPrinting of that stack to false. It's not important if formatForPrinting is already false, you must set it to false to trigger the font system.

Now you can open the card and manipulate it to create you pages. Every card of the stack can be a page of your PDF. The best way is to create cards in the correct printing order, this way all cards will be printed in the correct order.

Another important element to set the printing system:

 set the printMargins to "0,0,0,0"   
 set the printPaperSize to  the width of this stack & comma & the height of this stack

Changing printMargins and printPaperSize may create different effects.

Before printing it's convenient to set the current card to the first card, otherwise the first card will be the current card:

go to card 1

now you can launch the print command

set the formatForPrinting of this stack to true 
open printing to pdf "./myprint.pdf"
print this stack   
close printing

If you want to print sonly some cards of the stack, you can write:

set the formatForPrinting of this stack to true 
open printing to pdf "./myprint.pdf"
print card 1
print card 3
print card 5
close printing

You can print only visible stacks.

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