Returns a chunk expression describing the location of the character under the mouse pointer.Syntax:



the mouseCharChunk
if the mouseChar is empty then select the mouseCharChunk

Use the mouseChar function within a handler to determine which character the mouse is hovering over, in order to take some action based on the current character.

The mouseCharChunk function only returns locations in a field. If the mouse pointer is not over a field, the mouseCharChunk function returns empty.

The first and second character numbers in the return value are always identical, unless the mouse is over a field but there is no text under it. In this case, the mouseCharChunk returns a [[chunk expression]] of the form char charNumber to charNumber - 1 of field fieldNumber, indicating the start of the mouseLine. For example, if the mouse is over an empty field, the mouseCharChunk returns char 1 to 0 of field fieldNumber.

To get the actual character clicked, use the mouseChar function.

See also: mouseChar (function),charToNum (function),mouseChunk (function),mouseLoc (function),clickCharChunk (function),mouseControl (function),mouseText (function),mouseLine (function),mouseMove (message),lockText (property),

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