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Welcome to the Livecode WikiEdit

A wiki about LiveCode programming language. LiveCode helps you create apps for multiple platforms in few minutes. Quickly. Easily. Free.

Livecode App Academy - Introduction to LiveCode-003:52

Livecode App Academy - Introduction to LiveCode-0

The last version of livecode is 9, Linux users please read about this bug and hot to solve it:

All versions can be downloaded from 4.5 on .

Download free

LifeCode is free for open source projects.

LiveCode is an open source language.

If you want to modify or add pages, you are welcome and please read this page: Wiki formatting style.

Our most active members list is here: Special:Leaderboard

This wiki contains many subpages. Tip: Use the search box to find more information.

Other LiveCode resource are listed on the Links page.

Table of contentsEdit

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