Sets the index for a paragraph when an (ordered) listStyle is set .Syntax:

set the listIndex of <line> of <field> to <index>


set the htmlText of field 1 to "<ol><li>aaa</li><li value=3 >bbb</li></ol>"
set the listIndex of line 1 of field 1 to 4

Use the listIndex property to set the index of a paragraph when an

(ordered) list style is set.

LineItem example, the second row is modified by lineItem property


  • index: The index of a paragraph
  • Value: The listIndex of a line of a field returns the index of the paragraph.This translates to htmlText via the 'value' attribute on <li>tags.

See also: listBehavior (property),textSize (property),formattedText (property),

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