Specifies whether a locked field behaves as a clickable list.Syntax:

set the listBehavior of <field> to {true | false}


set the listBehavior of field "Items List" to true
if the listBehavior of me then mouseUp

Use the listBehavior property to create a list box.

If a field's listBehavior property is set to true, and the user clicks a line, the entire line is highlighted. The Up and Down arrow keys move the selection up or down.

Normally, the mouseUp and mouseDown messages are sent to the field as usual. However, if the user clicks below the last line of text in the field, a mouseRelease message is sent instead of mouseUp.

You use the hilitedLine property to determine which line the user clicked. The field's hilitedLine is set to the new line before the mouseDown message is sent, so there is no way to determine the previously-selected line.

If the field's autoHilite property is set to false, a clicked line does not highlight, regardless of the listBehavior setting; the field does not behave like a clickable list in this case. However, you can set the hilitedLine of the field even if the field's autoHilite is false.

Setting the listBehavior of a field to true will automatically set the field's dontWrap property to true, as a list field cannot have text wrapping. Setting the dontWrap of a list field to false has no effect.

See also: mouseDown (message),mouseRelease (message),mouseUp (message),field (object),noncontiguousHilites (property),dontWrap (property),autoHilite (property),lockText (property),multipleLines (property),threeDHilite (property),toggleHilites (property),hilitedLine (property),

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