Sent when the user clicks linked linked text.

Text with links


on linkClicked <linkedTextOfChunk>
end linkClicked


on linkClicked pLink -- open the URL stored with the clicked text
   launch url pLink
end linkClicked

Handle the linkClicked message to respond to the user clicking a link.

The linkClicked is sent to the field that was clicked.

The linkClicked message is sent only when the Browse tool is being used and is sent only if the field is locked. The linkClicked is not sent if the field's listBehavior property is true.

If the clicked text is a link (that is, if its textStyle property contains "link") then the linkText property of the clicked group is sent as the linkedTextOfChunk parameter. If the text of a link is empty, then the text itself is sent as the linkedTextOfChunk parameter.


  • linkedTextOfChunk: The linkText property of the clicked text group.

See also: field (object), listBehavior (property), lockText (property), linkText (property),

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