Specifies whether an object is hidden.


get the [effective] invisible of <object>


set the invisible of player "Splash Screen" to false
set the invisible of the mouseControl to true
get the effective invisible of button "go"

Use the invisible property to determine whether an object is hidden or not.

A hidden object is still present and still takes up memory, and a handler can access its properties and contents, but the user cannot see or or interact with it.

An object that cannot be seen only because it's behind another object is still visible, in the sense that its invisible property is still false.

The invisible property of grouped controls is independent of the invisible property of the group. Setting a group's invisible property to true doesn't change the invisible property of its controls; their invisible property is still false, even though the controls cannot be seen because the group is invisible.

If you specify the effective keyword the invisible property of a control returns true if the control or any parent group of the control is invisible.

You can set the invisible property of a card, but doing so has no effect. Cards cannot be made invisible.

The invisible property is the logical inverse of the visible property. When an object's invisible is true, its visible is false, and vice versa.

See also: showInvisibles (property), visible (property),

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