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When you download LiveCode, you download a fantastic IDE for developing programs. It contains a lot of features that they will be showed here.

This is the development toolbar:


Development toolbar

it permits to launch all tools for creating you application. If you don't need it, but you want just to run you application, go to Development->Suspend Development tools and you'll obtain this:


Restore development tools

Push the button to show again the development tools.

User guideEdit

Going to Help->User Guide, you'll launch a PDF user guide of 378 pages!


LiveCode Guide PDF

You may also read it here:

Additional helpEdit

You may launch also:

  • User samples
  • Tutorials
  • Resource
  • Dictionary

using the following buttons:


User samplesEdit

It's a program that show you other user scripts, you can downland and see them. You can also rate scripts or upload your scripts.



It launch the browser to that LiveCode tutorial website:



It launch a script containing many examples and tutorials:



It launches a interactive dictionary, the dictionary explain you every command of LiveCode, if it is available on every platform, show you examples and you can upload your comments or examples.


My first programEdit

This short article will show hot to create a simple program.

First of all activate the tools palette, go Tools->Tool Palette. A window like this will appear:


Then go to  File->New Mainstack and a clear window will appear like this:


Now Drag and drop a button in the window like this:


Right click on the button and click on Edit Script menu item, the Code editor will appear:

Code editor

Add the following code and save:

on mouseUp
  answer "Hello word!"
end mouseUp

Now go to Tools->Browse tool and click on you button, the program will work and it will pop up another window with Hello word


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