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A comment is a part of the script code ignored by LiveCode, so only who reads the script code can read it.

Usually the main purpose of comments is to explain the software to other developers. See the next example:

/*This is a comment example:
The next lines are a software to send emails.
There is still a bug about attachments, may you help me?
Mario (2013/7/17) */

Comments can be made in many ways, if you put a hash mark (#) all after the hash mark is ignored:

# Hello, I'm a comment
put 5 into myVar #Hello, I'm a comment too.

you can use two dashes (--) instead a hash mark for the same purpose:

-- Hello, I'm a comment
put 5 into myVar -- Hello, I'm a comment too.

If you need to write a comment on multiple lines there is another method very efficient, enclosing your comment between /* and */, see the next example:

/* Hello, I'm a very long comment.
I don't like to put a # at the beginning of each line,
so I prefer to use this style for this comment.
Comments can be inserted everywhere in the code*/

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