Blur the imageData of an image by a given radius.


blur pRadius, pOldImageDataVariable, pWidth, pHeight, pNewImageDataVariable, [pNewAlphaDataVariable, pFadeOut, pLeftFeather, pTopFeather, pRightFeather, pBottomFeather]


  • pRadius: blur radius
  • pOldImageDataVariable: name of variable containing image data
  • pWidth: image width
  • pHeight: image height
  • pNewImageDataVariable: name of variable to output new image data to
  • pNewAlphaDataVariable: optional name of variable to output alpha data to
  • pFadeOut: number of pixels to alpha fade out. Default is 5.
  • pLeftFeather: (boolean) feather the left side. If not set it will be feathered
  • pTopFeather: (boolean) feather the top side. If not set it will be feathered
  • pRightFeather: (boolean) feather the right side. If not set it will be feathered
  • pBottomFeather: (boolean) feather the bottom side. If not set it will be feathered



blur example (click to see bigger)

put the imageData of image 1 into theOriginalImageData
blur 5,"theOriginalImageData",the width of image 1,the height of image 1,"theNewImageData"
set the imageData of image 2 to theNewImageData

In case of errors, the Return will contain an error message.

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