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Specifies whether the user can type non-Roman text directly into a field.Syntax:

set the allowInlineInput to {true | false}


set the allowInlineInput to true
set the allowInlineInput to the letUsersType of this stack

Use the allowInlineInput property to determine the method by which the user can enter double-byte text.

If the allowInlineInput property is set to true, the user can type double-byte characters (used for languages that do not use the Roman alphabet, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) directly into fields.

If the allowInlineInput is false, if the insertion point is in a field(keyword) and a double-byte language is currently selected, a text-entry palette appears where the user can enter the characters. (This palette is displayed by the operating system's language software, not by LiveCode.) When the user presses Enter, the characters are placed in the field(keyword).

See also: field (object),traversalOn (property),textFont (property),lockText (property),useUnicode (property),

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